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Assisting adults and adolescents to reconnect with their deeper wisdom, develop clarity, confidence and direction, and experience greater freedom, joy and happiness in their lives.

I collaborate with individuals who aspire to break free from recurring patterns of self-sabotage, attracting unsuitable partners, experiencing relational conflicts, and grappling with co-dependency. If you choose to work with me, we will journey towards cultivating more profound, harmonious, and heart-centred relationships with yourself and others.
In my therapeutic presence, I emanate authenticity, warmth, approachability, empathy, dynamism, curiosity, non-judgment, and have a trauma-sensitive approach. My passion lies in establishing genuine and meaningful bonds with individuals, fostering a secure and nurturing connection that encourages open dialogue.
My role involves assisting individuals in resolving their symptoms, unearthing the underlying origins of their challenges, and exploring novel and more efficient methods to navigate life and interact with the world. Employing an integrative and flexible approach, I combine established techniques from various modalities, including verbal, somatic, and bioenergetic therapies. This blend, along with my personal insights, is tailored to suit the unique needs of each individual.
A successful outcome of any therapeutic endeavour is largely influenced by the connection and fit between the practitioner and client and so I invite you to contact me for a free 15min introductory call to see if we might work well together.
Integrative counselling is an approach that takes the entire human being – the physical, the psychological, the emotional, and the spiritual – and all of his or her life experiences into consideration as part of the larger growth process. It utilises both eastern and traditional western modalities to facilitate self-discovery, wellness and to support the individual in living a life aligned with their deeper wisdom.
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Somatic Experiencing® supports you to connect to your body awareness in a gentle way and release high levels of energy arousal, facilitating resolution of trauma-related body responses. As you learn how to regulate and retrain your nervous system, and re-work emotional and psychological responses, you will start gaining confidence, resilience and a sense of empowerment to successfully navigate your life.
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Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, yet powerful, hands-on approach to wellbeing where the practitioner uses a skilled sense of touch and perception to communicate with the body’s innate healing potential, resolve physiological, emotional and psychological patterns, and help restore health and balance to the system.  Craniosacral therapy is suitable for people of all ages from babies, children, adults, to the elderly.
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“I cannot thank David enough for the support he has given me. I had been on a healing journey for the past few years and tried many things. Nothing has impacted my wellbeing so significantly as the work David has done with me. He is a magician. I never would have anticipated the internal tectonic shift that I would experience as the result of his support. Traumas and past hurts that had been locked deep down in me were given room to rise to the surface and be processed and gently released. My body feels lighter and I feel more connected to my true self. Thank you, David, for helping me to find the path back to my authentic self.”  SD

“David helped me make my way through some very difficult and at times dark periods of my life, and whilst I understand that I will continue to face life challenges, he has supported me in finding the awareness, confidence, and tools to move forward. Thank you for never judging, for listening, for caring, for being there when I needed you, for sharing your wisdom and to be honest, for simply being you. You have helped me in ways I don’t think you will ever fully appreciate. I will be forever grateful that our paths crossed.”  MB

“I started working with David after returning to work in End of Life care, just after the death of my father. The sessions I had with him helped me to process and shift deeper grief and trauma in my body and supported me in having honest, vulnerable, and emotional conversations which proved cathartic and healing. David read my body, sensed where the energy was held, and helped release it. I feel so grateful for the healing, which helped me cope with the work I do and assisted my spiritual journey. I will always remember our time together, which had a life-changing impact on me.”  JB

“I knew nothing about Craniosacral Therapy before being introduced to David, who is one of the calmest, most welcoming, and nurturing of people I have ever met. I immediately felt at ease in his company. My heart felt broken through grief and trauma which had been held there for years. David took the time to gently explore this with me during sessions and also to locate this in my body. He masterfully helped to shift this and realign feelings embedded within me for the good. This was the progress I needed. Naturally, I still feel the pain of grief and I sense that the experiences I have had will always stay with me in some way but David’s support helped to level these out, which enabled me to move forwards and to not feel stuck or helpless as I did before. I am incredibly grateful to him for helping me move so gently to a safer place within myself.”  JA

“David has an amazing gift of presence. Throughout my sessions I felt genuinely supported and guided, and I experienced a deep sense of safety, calm, and clarity. David’s support offered me the space to become still such that I could process things that were held in my body and to move forward with a sense of peace during what was a truly healing experience.”  RK

“Highly recommend if you’re ready to change your life. David is truly gifted in his work and has supported me immensely this year through a tough diagnosis. Now I’m feeling stronger than ever. Thank you from my heart.” PB

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